Our Policies

*Please read our policy in its entirety. We are not responsible for any miscommunications. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies or services, please contact Portia at 470-218-7716 or via email at info@eminencesolutionsllc.com.

Credit Repair Services


There are several options to pay your balance when you choose any of our credit repair options. We accept Zelle payments, Apple Pay and you can also pay online on our site. On our website, there is an option to pay the balance in 4 installments every 2 weeks and it will be automatically drafted out of your account. 

We offer another option to make payments that must be sent via Zelle monthly. This option requires a $150 deposit unless there is a startup sale going on at that time. Payments are due every month on the day you paid your initial deposit. For example, if you paid your deposit on May 1st, your payment would be due on the 1st of each month thereafter until balance is paid in full. If you do not make your payment on the due date, you have a 5 day grace period from that date to make the payment. There will also be a $10 late fee accessed with any payments made after the due date. 

If payment is still not received on the 5th day by 11:59 pm, services will stop and no further action will be taken on your credit repair until your payment is made. After 10 days if you have not made your payment, and no communication is made with Eminence Solutions LLC, you will receive an exit letter stating that your services have been terminated and Eminence Solutions has parted ways with you. Any security freezes placed on your credit by the secondary bureaus initiated by Eminence Solutions on your behalf, will be lifted on the same day letter is sent out. Confirmation emails/texts will be sent out to show security freezes have been lifted. One text reminder will be sent out to communicate that your exit letter has been sent to your email. 

Understand that payments are meant to be paid in full whether you are making the full payment upfront, in monthly payments, or in 4 installments every two weeks. If payments are consistently late more than 3 times, you will not be able to make monthly payments going forward and the full balance on all services going forward will be required. We also take all of our clients seriously and we strive to do our best with all clients. In the event if any of our products or services charges are disputed, understand that we will take legal action. This is considered theft of services, and we will take action accordingly. 

You may send your payments via ApplePay by texting 470-218-7716. You can also submit your monthly payments via Zelle to the email: info@eminencesolutionsllc.com. Please DO NOT use the phone number above to send Zelle payments. Only use the email provided and make sure it says Eminence Solutions LLC. We are not responsible for payments sent to the incorrect locations. Please confirm before sending.

We also offer subscription billing on our scheduling website. You may cancel at anytime, but you are still responsible for your payment. If you are a new customer, you may use this option to start the credit repair process and pay $100 for startup. Once the payment has been made your process will start and $100 will be deducted out of your account every month until the full balance is paid.

*Eminence Solutions LLC does not provide refunds for any of our services or products. 


Please understand that everyone's credit situation is different and you may not receive results as fast as the next person. By law, we cannot guarantee any results, we can only guarantee that we will work hard as possible to help you reach your credit goals. Please communicate with us if you recently received credit repair services with another company. Understand it will take slightly longer if you have already been working with someone. 

PLEASE BE PATIENT AND WAIT ON RESULTS. I cannot stress this enough. Results do not happen overnight and some accounts may take longer to be deleted than others, but they will be deleted. Stay on top of letters/emails you receive from the bureaus as well as creditors so Eminence Solutions may send out a response as soon as possible if needed. 

You will receive updates regarding your credit every 30 days until the process is complete. If you receive any communication regarding your credit anytime during the process, please send it to info@eminencesolutionsllc.com immediately and make sure that any documentation you send is legible. 

Credit Monitoring 

Eminence Solutions LLC has partnered with "My Free Score Now" and "Identity IQ," both credit monitoring services that gives an accurate explanation of your credit report and other features. This service is REQUIRED during your credit repair process. If you are unable to pay for this service you will be unable receive any updates about your credit repair process, you won't receive any updates in the 30 day timeframe, and we will not be able to track what has been deleted/added on your credit report. Third party apps will not be accurate and cannot be used as a way to track your process.  

In the event that you need to take a break from any of the credit monitoring services, please understand you will not be given accurate results.


Due to the types of services we offer and electronic products we offer, Eminence Solutions LLC does not offer refunds. All sales are final.